As a self-governing industry association, the UnitVisID Alliance is building the future of item-level visibility of drug products and working to ensure the quality and performance of RFID medication tracking. The Alliance brings together leading companies in the pharmaceutical supply chain:

HospitalsPharmaceuticalManufacturers503bPharmaciesPharmacy Tech &Automation VendorsInlayManufacturersLabelConvertersOther Standards Organizations

The UnitVisID Alliance is lead by a Board of Directors, made up of executive representatives from the founding corporate partners, with the following goals:

  • Set the vision & mission of UnitVisID
  • Designate working groups & approve standards that each working group designates
  • Appoint the independent chair
  • Appoint the testing lab & other key service providers central to the mission
  • Set budget & fee schedule

Working groups will then:

  • Collaborate on standards & certifications
  • Evolve standards to meet the needs of the different constituents
  • Monitor standard effectiveness
  • Recommend and approve standards to be ratified to the board
  • Set designated certifications and requirements/guidelines
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