For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

UnitVisID Certified medications are products of preference for hundreds of healthcare organizations, and provide a differentiated offering for manufacturers that choose to provide it. In order to realize this value, though, a manufacturer has to meet two key requirements:


The environments RFID is used for in pharmacy make high performance a tall order - hundreds of fluid-filled glass and plastic containers being read at one time, in seconds, with no margin for error. That means the inlay - the industry term for the combination of antenna and integrated circuitry that makes an RFID work - must be designed for the specific and challenging use case of application to a fluid-filled container being read in a densely-packed environment. The UnitVisID Alliance’s third-party testing organization, ARC RFID Lab, evaluates every inlay in every downstream reading device to determine what products will read in which automation devices, and provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with a compatibility crosswalk.


Once an appropriate inlay has been selected, the manufacturer can be assured that the hardware will read the inlay when applied to the product, but read what? UnitVisID is much more than the barcodes on today's unit-of-use medications — it doesn’t simply identify what a product is, it provides a history of the item that captures every location, handling event, or status change, in order to allow for the tracking of data like "beyond use" expiration, medication compounding history, and recalls. Without the UnitVisID Alliance's centralized registry, a manufacturer would need to implement a direct connection to thousands of nodes of dozens of different types in order for this information to be propagated to every system that needs to consume it. The UnitVisID Alliance's approach allows for one registration event by the manufacturer enabling an unlimited number of exchanges of data.


High Level Benefits

  • Portfolio of inlays designed for the specific package size and type being enabled
  • Testing facilities for new inlay designs if needs not captured by existing portfolio items
  • Proven line automation strategies and hardware to convert packaging lines to RFID compliance
  • Network of label converters with experience producing high quality pharmaceutical labelling
  • Single source of registration to enable every downstream hospital use case

Requirements for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

A finished pharmaceutical label or pharmaceutical product may be designated as part of the UnitVisID Program by meeting requirements for certification that are established by the UnitVisID Alliance. Certified products may optionally bear the "UnitVisID badge" mark.

To meet those requirements, a product must:

  1. Use a UnitVisID certified inlay
  2. Use a UnitVisID approved Tag Data format
  3. Register the product in the UnitVisID registry
  4. Undergo a 100% Quality Check to ensure accurate data
  5. Adhere to all of the requirements of the UnitVisID Program

Testing & Certification for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

  • Submit self-certification test results showing adherence to the UnitVisID Alliance's requirements
  • Pass the ARC certifications
  • Complete a licensing agreement with the UnitVisID Alliance