For Label Converters


Label Converters

RFID labels for pharmaceutical uses is still a young field. Early incarnations, sometimes using HF (high-frequency) tags, were often at the unit of sale (carton) level and primarily for supply chain purposes. The creation of UnitVisID compliant systems like Kit Check changed that, and serialized unit-of-use RFID labels are being produced by the tens of millions. The UnitVisID Alliance's approach is designed to entrust the most capable party, the converter, with the most difficult aspects of quality control. In exchange, they become a trusted vendor, ready to bid on upcoming tagging projects knowing their time-to-market and end quality will be best in class.

UnitVisID Alliance certification means the pharmaceutical manufacturer can launch products faster

Certified inlays take the guesswork out of picking the right tool for the job

Standardized, pre-encoded EPC formats make serialization easy

Requirements for Label Converters

A label converter may be designated as a UnitVisID Certified Label Converter and market converted label product to Pharmaceutical companies by meeting the requirements set forth in the UnitVisID program, which include:

  1. Using a UnitVisID Certified Inlay for UnitVisID Product
  2. Using a UnitVisID approved Tag Data Format for UnitVisID Product
  3. Conducting a 100% Quality Check on Finished Product
  4. When appropriate using the correct visual markers
  5. When appropriate registering in the UnitVisID approved Registry
  6. Adhering to the other terms set by the UnitVisID Alliance