For Inlay Manufacturers


Inlay Manufacturers

Growth in RFID-enabled unit-of-use medications, driven by the incredible rise in UnitVisID-compliant tags (120 million to date), has made it clear that pharmaceuticals are a primary area of expansion for makers of inlays. As this adoption accelerates, the variety of specific inlay designs required to meet the needs of the industry will, as well. With more variety in shape and materials, and the built-in complications of liquids and foils in the read environment, medication products won’t be well-suited to the tremendous variety of retail-focused tags on the market today, and will require the latest technology in silicon and antenna design to power the pharmacy systems of the future. Inlay manufacturers will rely heavily on the resources of the UnitVisID Alliance to ensure their products are up to the task.

Access to independent 3rd party testing facilities and procedures for new designs

“Matching service” to determine what sizes, shapes and materials of medication containers are well-suited for each particular design

Requirements for Inlay Manufacturers

An Inlay may be designated as UnitVisID Compliant and be marketed with the mark by meeting the requirements of the UnitVisID Program, which include:

  1. Meeting the quality and performance specifications designated by UnitVisID and validated by the ARC Lab
  2. Guaranteeing enough safety stock for members
  3. Ensuring open access to all Pharmaceutical partners including pricing transparency
  4. By meeting any additional requirements designated by UnitVisID

Testing & Certification for Inlay Manufacturers

  • Submit self-certification test results showing adherence to the UnitVisID Alliance's requirements
  • Pass the ARC certifications
  • Complete a licensing agreement with the UnitVisID Alliance